Almer John Davis is a published author, produced screenwriter and produced playwright. He knows the English Language as well as an Instructor can. In his 20 years of Private-Group and Academy PSAT, SAT®, AP®, English, Writing, Grammar and History Instruction, Almer has taught thousands of students.

His former students are enrolled in or have attended all the major American Universities. Almer’s University Graduates are in all the top American Professions. In particular, Almer has worked his entire career in the Korean Community and has helped thousands of young people there.

Almer’s teaching philosophy is this: lecture with hands-on workshop material corresponding to what has been discussed. Almer believes two of the most important disciplines a student can learn are self-reliance and self-motivation. To be successful in college and later in professional life, students must have self-reliance and self-motivation. The desire to achieve must come from the individual himself or herself. Almer preaches and teaches this to all his students and his track record of successful students is unsurpassed.